School Yearbook Design & Printing

School Year Book Design and Year Book Printing and Publishing are 
our specialties.

We have two options for our School Yearbooks.

If you're schedule is really busy, you can leave it to our creative team to put
together a professional looking school yearbook. All you need to do is supply
us the document in Word, compile all the photos for the relevant pages,
plus your schools crest & we'll do the rest !

Our second option is the DIY School Yearbook Software ! We have a series of
templates that you can choose from & you can use our "online school yearbook
software " where up to 40 people can have access to the licensed system.

Once you're done, we co-ordinate with our print team and will professionally 
produce a hard cover or soft cover school yearbook in full colour. With 
prices from around $15, you can't go wrong !

Call us on 0401 479 998 to have a professional school yearbook sample
sent to you! 

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